Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Current Poll: An Update!

Well it looks like all I need to do is piss and moan a bit and then everyone shows up and participates around here. Luckily for you guys, pissing and moaning is what I do best.

Since I last bitched about it, the poll has had a whole lot (read: 8) of votes placed. Whew! Talk about a blistering pace! So far Betty White and Bill Murray are neck and neck with three votes a piece. Tied for second is Sir Paul McCartney and my father Sir Robert of Dundalk (who the other morning ran out of the house in his underwear to yell at the squirrels eating the freshly planted grass seed).

Bringing up the rear is me (sad trombone sound)! I guess most of you have already eaten with me before so its not that big of a deal to share a meal with me. Especially when I pick off your plate. Its a bad habit I am trying to break (not really).

Also, the previous paragraph was not an attempt at shameless vote-begging. For reals. I'm not that lame. All those other people are way more interesting than me. I put my name on the list to weed out the brown-nosers.

Anywho, vote if you haven't already yet. There are still a few more days left in the poll and all of my royal subjects have an equal voice that deserves to be heard.

Equal to each other, of course. Not me.


  1. Someone voted for me! Yay! I hope it wasn't because I was whining.

    Anyway, whoever voted e-mail me and I will totally take you to dinner and let you bask in my luminance.

  2. It was me... I want to go to fago de chao. While eating in at McDonald's usually delights me to no end (esp at Arundel Mills), I'm going high class here. I'll let you watch me make a fool of myself as I chat incessantly with the waiter/waitress. I'll talk so f-ing much that they will think they know me. "Can I get mine extra dirttttyy?"