Monday, March 22, 2010

An Oldie But a Goodie

I came across this today and decided it was time for everyone to watch it again. Its probably been a few years for you all.

I really love how this neighborhood bullshitted everyone so hard that a news crew had to come out and cover it. I wonder if the crew knew it was bullshit or found out on the scene and decided to just run with it. Somebody had to have lost a job over that gem of a human interest piece.

News Guy: So where is the leprechaun.

Local Indigent: Oh, he's in the tree.

News Guy: Great. Ted, lets get the spotlight on the tree and see if we can get some footage for the 11 o'clock broadcast.

Local Indigent: Oh, wait. The leprechaun disappears when its sees light.

News Guy: Really?

Local Indigent: Yup. But here is an amateur sketch of what he looks like.

News Guy: Fuck it. It's late.

And no discussion of the Alabama Leprechaun would be complete without the rap remix!


  1. “It could be a crackhead that got hold to the wrong stuff. And it told him to get up in a tree and play a leprechaun.”

  2. I'm commenting on my own posts. So what?