Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Prince's Man Crushes: Chris Evans

So this guy is a newer entry to my list of man crushes, but it no less special in my book. I've always enjoyed Chris Evans's work. He has a boyish charm that comes across nicely in his films and lets be honest here, he's pretty dreamy a la Jon Hamm.

The reason he jumps up on my list is that Chris was offered the role of Captain America in several of Marvel's upcoming films. He'll star in three Cap movies, The Avengers and then whatever else they want him to do. He signed up for what is essentially indentured servitude, but it could very well be a star-making turn.

Why am I so excited about Captain America, you may ask? Where the hell have you been, I ask? I'm a huge geek and this is very important to me. The Captain America origin story combines several of my great loves, namely super-heroes and World War II. If you throw Betty White and a ghost hunt in this movie it might become my most favorite picture of all time.

Evans was chosen to play Steve Rogers (Cap's real name) after a very long and exhaustive bout of public rumors as to who would win the role. Contenders included John Krasinski, Channing Tatum and a bunch of other lesser known guys.

I think Evans will do a fine job. He looks the part and is a pretty beefy, which makes him perfect man crush material.

Look! Handsome and pensive. Anywho, this dude is perfect beefcake for all the ladies and also pretty good secret man crush potential for all the fellas (How secret is it when I post it on the Internet?), especially when he starts slinging the shield in the new Cap movie.

He's still no Jon Hamm, but he could get there.


  1. He might make Top 5 Gay after I see the Captain America movie. He's certainly a contender.