Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Granny Beatdown!

I have been sitting on this one for a little bit now, but I feel like its time this video had it's day in the sun.

I can't quite make out the language being spoken ( I didn't really try), but I can only assume that it is Italian because only my fellow dagos would get involved in fisticuffs like this. Or rather watch their grandmother get involved in fisticuffs like this. Also, those old ladies look a lot like my great-aunts that used to try and force-feed my sister and I pasta when we would visit them on Christmas Day. They also thought my sister's name was Kimley, which we still laugh about to this day.

Now I will admit that I didn't expect very much from this video but I was very pleasantly surprised. Especially with that first take down! That tiny, hunched lady is a real spitfire. I suspect that she got mad at her sister (or friend) because she interrupted her in the kitchen and ruined her big, tomato sauce.

What is most shocking is that the spectators let these geriatrics actually fight and are laughing about it the whole time. I probably don't need to point out that someone is filming this debacle as well.

I think common sense dictates that if you see your grandma chasing someone down, ready to throw hands, you step in a put a stop to it. You don't wait and see what happens so you can get hits on YouTube. This is how hips get broken. Then grandma just isn't the same after that.

At the very least break it up when they both hit the ground. I think that's a fair compromise and it keeps Uncle Giuseppe from having to wake up from his nap and stop his mom from committing murder.

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  1. Feisty old broads. That's scary, I thought they were going to break a hip. I wish one would have had a for real housecoat though-- like Aunt Edith.