Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Worst Maury Povich Has to Offer

This video speaks for itself, I think. Someone took the very best part of each Maury Povich Show and jammed them all together into one amazing package.

When I watch this I am immediately gripped with fear. I have always said that I would be a total pushover with my daughter should I ever have one, and I'm worried she may end up like this. I really don't know that I could handle this. I probably wouldn't want to deal with her if she was a sweet and well-mannered teenager. This seems like some special circle of Hell. I think I am man enough to draw the line if she tries to punch me in my face or stick a screwdriver in my leg or pawns my jury. That's just not cool.

Also, I was not aware that the day Obama became president we had the right to do whatever the hell we wanted to. That's good information to have.

I guess I'll just have to hope and pray that superior genetics, education and actually parenting my child will win out in the end. What other weapons do we have in this battle?


  1. I just threw up in my mouth. Why do these disasters feel the need to scream during the filming of these clips?

    I think my favorite was when the last girl was like, "I got pacificers and if my baby needs another... I got THREE MORE!" Damn, that's a good mama-- the gang symbol helps too.

  2. "If my baby needs a blanket, its cool. I got one."

    This show always makes me angry. I think the producers make the girls act like that. Just a little though. It doesn't take much egging on.

    I also liked the 12-year-old who has sex on her staircase or wherever she can get it.