Saturday, June 19, 2010

Postcards from the Land of the Rising Sun: Stacking Food on Dogs

So leave it to our Japanese compatriots to come up with a game show idea that is alternately hilarious and horribly cruel. In case you didn't guess, the idea behind this segment is for people to stack as much food as they can on their pets without them moving or eating the tasty morsels.

Its funny because dogs are awesome and all they want to do is eat and please us, so they truly are caught between the horns of a dilemma. I think the first dog is probably the best. He's so hungry that you can see the drool just streaming out of his little doggie mouth. Poor little guy.

Let's not forget that people really, really love their dogs, so once they've had their cruel little bit of fun, the dog is totally going to be taken care of. I think the black lab ate all 30 of the treats they put on his head for being such a good boy.

The chimpanzee you can keep. I do like that they built a cocoon of 1,000 bananas but chimps are filthy cannibals in the wild so I don't care if he's happy when he gets to eat a banana in the end. Chimps eat human babies too so they could have kept him in that banana prison for all I care.

But I digress. Japan has given us another great view into their culture and unsurprisingly we are more alike then we ever would have thought. I guess one of the things that makes us all humans is the love of fucking with our dogs.


  1. I was hoping the chimp would bust out of that banana enclosure with a little more gusto... but despite this, I give the clip two snaps UP!

  2. The chimp as a disappointment. He only too one banana too? What the hell?

    If you encased me in a cheeseburger cocoon, I'm at least grabbing two on my way out.