Monday, June 28, 2010

Lightning Strikes Thrice!

Since I am totes sensitive and enjoy nothing more than a good thunderstorm (for cuddling, of course!), I thought I might post up this very cool video of lightning hitting the three tallest buildings in Chicago.

(Sensitive interlude)

The other day we had a thunderstorm and as I was driving I saw a thunderhead before me. It towered in the sky and you could see the lightning arcing and flashing within the clouds. It was a very beautiful sight to see. I had to pull over my car to get a better look. As I wrapped my shivering body in the afghan I knitted myself, I was overcome with emotion. Rarely does the world share something so beautiful with you and I was moved by it. It made me feel blessed and I rushed home to record my thoughts in my journal.

(End sensitive interlude)

I'm guessing those panties are dropping right about now. If that shit didn't work, then just watch the video and leave me alone. Turn down the video's sound and play Metallica's Ride the Lightning for some extra crispy fun.


  1. Nerd. My panties didn't drop. Your mojo won't work on me, brotha man.

  2. We are related. That might have something to do with it.

    The storm was cool though, right?