Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Blatant Video Theft Corner: Better Marriage Blanket

The Better Marriage Blanket is apparently a real product. It seems like total BS, but I could see this saving some marriages. It uses science and space alien technology to take all the funkiness from dinner's tasty bean burrito and completely obliterate it.

The dreaded (but mostly hilarious) Dutch Oven will be a thing of the past!

What I'm curious about is the blanket itself. If one were to use said blanket for several months, you have to imagine that it might get a tad rank. Does the blanket itself start to stink? Does the space-age core eradicate the smell or just store it? If you were to open the blanket and take out the core, could it be weaponized into a homemade dirty bomb? These are all questions I hope someone gets to the bottom of. I can't really be bothered. It is a blanket that was designed for farts after all.

I will tell you this. I plan to gift every new girlfriend with one of these if it ever looks like she plans on letting me touch her. In fact, I'm even thinking of buying the blankets in bulk and making all my clothes out of the material. It just may save a life.

here to buy your own and potentially save a relationship.


  1. I think their marketing people are retarded. That's really the angle they want to take? They should call it, "This Blanket Smells Like Fart."

  2. I guess this blanket also puts the toilet seat down???