Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Intervention Does It Again

My sister sent me this video clip in a link to another site. But since I hate the other site, I refuse to admit that I stole the clip from them. Lets just pretend that we all stumbled across this on our own. No one needs to be the wiser. Anywho...

My love for the show Intervention is well-documented, I believe. Its a great way to see how the other half lives, so to speak. More often then not, I am moved by what I see. Other times, the show makes me ROFLMAO to the extreme. The girl who used to huff compressed air in the graveyard and yelled "I'm walking on sunshine" comes to mind.

Now we have this. It doesn't need any set-up and probably doesn't need any kind of wrap-up either.

Am I a bad person for thinking this is funny? Probably. But I'm OK with that.

At least I didn't autotune it.


  1. LOVIN the autotune.... nicely done my friend.

  2. hahahahha Jay Z you are wrong sir. Auto is most def not dead

  3. When I hear the one guy talking to the guy about to cry, he kind of sounds like Rob Schneider in the Hot Chick.

    "Its meeeeeeee. Jessica."

    I also like how his family is working his shoulders like Rocky Balboa's corner man.

  4. I've watched these clips numerous times and I laugh out loud each time. Its not getting old for me.

    The autotune really cracks me up too.