Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just Another Day at the Office...

The crazy thing is, I did this exact thing just the other night! I didn't run into as much trouble jumping my dirtbike through the cardboard walls, but there was considerably more mess when I bazookaed the snake from three feet away.

That's what I get for not bringing my katana blade. Flipping off the bike and beheading the snake in one fluid motion would have been a more elegant solution but I'm of the opinion that you blame the artist, not his tools.

Oh well. All in a day's work for your resident super-stud, The Prince of Dundalk. You can probably smell my machismo seeping from your computer screen right now.

Also, I definitely saw that chick naked on Cinemax. Like multiple times.


  1. i think this stunt needs to be added to be a member of team danger. oh and combat swimming too.

  2. They are already on the books along with the triple kiss and the dice-roll gang bang. I need to order those jumpsuits.