Thursday, May 6, 2010

Blatant Video Theft Corner: Buckeye Babes!

This video had me giggling for the full 3:47 so I had to share it. I just know some dude came up with this is the hopes that the college radio station in Columbus would play this song every Friday night and that he would be the recipient of copious amounts of trim as a result. I can't imagine that things worked out that way for him. But you get an "A" for effort buddy!

I would have loved to see one of these from when I was in college. It probably would have had music from some shitty Dave Matthews Band knock-off or a wack SoCal Third Wave ska band.

"Loyola Ladies" definitely would not have had as many perms and teased-out bangs in it. And honestly, my college experience is probably a little less rich as a result of that unfortunate fact.

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