Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Guy Builds Crazy Complicated War Machine Suit for Geek Festival

So my initial reaction to things like this is "Wow. That's geeky even for me."

Then I stop and think. This is basically just living out a childhood fantasy when you have the means to do it. How bad did I want Iron Man armor when I was 10 years old? Would I have killed for a utility belt or web-shooters back then? The answer to these and other similar questions is "A lot." and "YES!"

Hell, look at the picture I have of me on the site. I wore the reversible Superman/Batman cape (purchased at the Heritage Fair in Dundalk!) all the damn time. Sometimes without underwear as you can clearly see. To this day I still have more Nerf toys than a grown man my age should have.

So kudos to you, guy. You built a pretty cool suit of armor. All the shit moves and lights up and that is swell. I just probably wouldn't have worn it out of the house.


  1. You also fondle more nerf toys in Target than any grown man your age should.

  2. I'm just indecisive about whether or not to buy the battle-axe.

    I almost bought a laser sight for those cool pistols I have too.

  3. as someone you frequent Target with, buy it already! that way we can have the mother of all Larp battles