Friday, May 28, 2010

Did Anyone Know this Show Existed?

It's called Mall Cops: Mall of America and it airs on TLC, which is quickly becoming a network where you don't actually go to learn anything. There used to be informative programming on TLC but now its just families with 400 kids and little people. There is even a show called The Little Chocolatiers, which details the lives of a married couple that make exquisite chocolates and suffer from dwarfism. No shit.

I can only assume that this new show was commissioned to cash in on the success of Paul Blart: Mall Cop and the much darker Observe and Report. I'm not sure which high-powered Hollywood mogul was sitting around wondering what its like to be a mall security guard and decided to produce a television series about it, but he should probably be fired.

I liked it when reality shows showed me the unseen side of jobs that I know I could never have like the SWAT team or the crabbers of Deadliest Catch. Shows like that are exciting and gave me a glimpse into a world of badassery that my soft pud will never ever know. I can just hang out at the mall if I want to know about this stuff.

Then again, I've never wanted to go to Rehab at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas, but am riveted by the reality show where they go behind the scenes at Douchebag Mecca.

In any event, this show exists and I am sure I will check it out at one point or another. As this little video shows, it can't be all bad. Also, on the TLC site, they have a longer video where the security operatives wrestle the drunk Russian out of the public eye and he promptly shits his pants. Good stuff!

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