Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Prince's Word of the Day: Habitué

Today's word is one that should make you look totally smart and shit at your next cocktail party. It is habitué and it means "One who frequents a particular place, especially a place offering a specific pleasurable activity."

If I were to use it in a sentence as an example I might say something like "My friend Smooth B is a habitué of the local gentlemen's clubs as well as middle school parking lots." I might say something like that, but I won't because its kind of rude.

Mostly I wanted to share this word so I could also share the example given in the e-mail. This comes from an article on BusinessWorld Online.

"Knicks habitués, for example, were beside themselves when erstwhile James disciples turned on him in light of his subpar numbers; they prayed that the unwarranted knee-jerk reaction would make the King abandon any plans of re-upping with the Cavaliers and instead look Gothamward for his new home."

I think that was about basketball, but I'm still not sure. It could also have something to do with parliamentary procedure or might even be a recipe for a lovely salad nicoise. I'm still working it out.

In any event, nice job guy. That's why you're writing sports stories for BusinessWorld Online and not Sports Illustrated. Keep up that pretty talk and they might hire you on at Slate.

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