Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Brief Review of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

I may or may not have this toy. You'll have to get your mom to schedule a playdate if you want to find out.

So I just checked out the new Transformers film (shocker!) and I have to say that I enjoyed the hell out of it.

The movie has been catching a lot of flack from critics for its lack of story, and they may have a point, but you don't go to see Transformers for the scintillating plot. You go to watch giant robots fuck each other's shit up. The movie certainly delivers on that. Plus there was a lot of scattered ass in the film. In addition to Megan Fox, who runs around in slo-mo quite a bit, there is another girl named Isabel Lucas, who is like a blonde Megan Fox. We get to see her panties too. Righteous.

One other point of contention was the supposed racist nature of two of the new Autobots, Mudflap and Skids. Critics have blasted these characters for being stereotypes of ethnic minorities. Are they stereotypical? Yes, probably, but come on is this your first Michael Bay film? That's like his signature piece. The Rock has like 30 stereotypical characters including a gay hairdresser, a rich German Humvee drivers and two sassy black people that are taken hostage on the Alcatraz tour. I'm just surprised that people are surprised.

In any event, the movie is fun and my enjoyment was only heightened thanks to the Cherry Coke, popcorn and very tasty Black Angus all-beef hot dog I inhaled before the previews. Plus my man MC Smooth B was there to geek out with me. Also, and I will never admit to this in person, some of the real cheeseball schmaltzy parts kind of got to me. I think maybe I had some of my own emotional things going on, but nevertheless I felt super-lame when it happened.

This is summer popcorn flick at its finest and is certainly worth checking out despite the one star review it received from the Baltimore Sun. If the critic is so concerned about a good story then he should rent The English Patient and leave this stuff to me and the other geeks.

If you won't be getting to the theaters anytime soon, then check this out. It should tide you over until you check out the new movie.

What did you think of my Optimus Prime costume? Pretty sweet, huh?

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  1. talib kwali said he was waiting for the robots to transform into a KFC.

    still a kick azz movie. People get over yourselves its about alien robots that tranforms into cars. its really not that serious. plus sterotypes are funny because they are true. just kidding my asian peoples!!!!