Sunday, June 21, 2009

They're Playing Basketball. We Love that Basketball.

Check out my boy Greg Nice above the rim. He spends so much time up there that I hear that he's thinking of buying a condo. Its a nice neighborhood.

MC Smooth B has the wettest J I've ever seen. He was making it rain out there. That's why I call him the Weatherman.

Its really hard for Nice 'n' Smooth to look so pretty out there, but they make it look easy.

I'm pretty shitty at basketball. I was always better at contact sports and cage-fighting.


  1. I'm going to turn the one of me into a silhouetted logo like Air Jordan's and transfer it onto the back of my paintings instead of a normal signature...

  2. Then you should get that shit cut into your hair on the back of your head like Tim Spruill. J.A.P.A.H.!

  3. Do you remember when he had "I get the job done" cut into his hair? He was way too cool for Owen Brown.

  4. Of course I remember that. Do you remember when he and Mister Cotton lip-synced Das EFX? They had those band-aids on their faces and everything.