Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Good Eats: BGR

As many people know, I love burgers. They are probably my favorite food. If I were on death row I think I would ask for a big bacon cheeseburger with steak fries and onion rings. I could die a happy man after that.

But since I won't have to choose any last meals any time soon (The Man has to catch me first!) I can sit down to eat a burger knowing full well that I can do the same damn thing the next day. Which sadly happens more often then I would like to admit.

Over the weekend, my boy MC Smooth B and I made our way down to Rockville for an abortive climbing session. After our laughable attempts to recapture the glory of our youth we got down to business and did what we do best. Shop for gear at REI. After we worked up an appetite, we made our way to our favorite new burger joint, BGR.

Located in the tony area of Bethesda, BGR caters to the upscale clientele that makes a royal like myself feel right at home. Its a fun little place with a simple mission: deliver a superior burger. They do not disappoint. The menu runs the gamut from regular old burgers and sliders to Cuban-style burgers, veggie burgers and more. Additionally, you can get some very good steak fries, sweet potato fries and onion rings. They can all be topped with Garlic, Parmesan and Rosemary as well.

On this particular visit, we started off with their very tasty Lobster Roll. Its a bit pricey for an appetizer, but B-Lo and I like to splurge on our little man dates. The roll comes with a shit ton of very sweet lump and claw meat mixed with a light mayo-based sauce and is served on potato rolls.

Brian decided to go with the Sliders because he's just a little guy and can't hang with the real carnivores. To each his own. He seems to be a fan of the kids' meal though.

I went with BGR's Burger of the Month, which was really really good. It was called "Raising the Bar" and I think it was the result of a pissing match with a local watering hole. My guess is that they tried to outdo BGR and they countered with this awesome hamburger sandwich.

Its 11 oz. of dry-aged beef. I really can't say enough about this burger. The meat was fantastic and buttery and most importantly it was big. I opted for bacon and cheddar only being a fan of the simple flavors. I threw a little mayonnaise on it and then when that section was done I tried some A1. This thing kicked ass. I'm going to try and get down there before the end of the month to get it again.

All in all, this place is a burger-lovers paradise. It has everything you need from a burger place without any of the BS. As an added bonus, they were playing VH1 Classics while we were there so we got to watch a special on the one-hit wonders of the rap world. Vanilla Ice, Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock and some others made the list as you may well expect, but then they threw the Sugarhill Gang on there. They may not have had a lot of chart toppers, but they were pioneers. I think that's just ignorant.

Anyway, check out the video because its kind of fun. My personal favorites include the disco dancing, Hank the fat dude in the tiny t-shirt and the guy who wore the turtleneck and sweater to the rap video. How embarrassing. Also, I promise there is no rape in the video. Some YouTube ass just spelled it wrong.

SUPER ADDED BONUS!: This video is the shit. I'm trying to make it the National Anthem of Dundalk, but am running into problems. They all seem to like "Friends in Low Places."

I like how Rob Base just looks all over the place when he raps in the record store. That's fucking gangster. Also, I will KILL for that green Nike sweatsuit the one dude is wearing. In summation, I like the Whopper, fuck the Big Mac.



  2. ahhh, the good ole hip hop days of the 90s. 1992 was my best year for pussy.

  3. Damn that's some good-ass cheese!

    We didn't even know what pussy was in 1992. You hadn't started working at the video store yet and we still hadn't seen those weird pornos you used to bring home.