Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tron Man Sells Plane

So apparently "Tron Man" had to sell his plane because the economy sucks. I really don't care. What's funny is that there was a guy that I used to work with that I swore was Tron Man. Like I would have bet money. I used to ask co-workers if that was really him and then totally not believe them when they would tell me about real Tron Man. They would talk about how he lived in Ohio or some shit and I was all "Riiiiiight." I still think it might be him.

Those of you who know where I used to work will understand why it is not at all far-fetched for Tron Man to be one of my co-workers.

If you've never heard of this guy before then may I introduce you to Jay Maynard, the one and only Tron Man. He likes Tron, apparently.

PS That shit lights up!

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