Friday, June 26, 2009

My Sister's New Ringtone

Baby sis would very much like this for her phone so if anyone knows where we can find it drop us a line.

This really is a modern masterpiece. Kendra enlisted famed rapper Too $hort to perform it with production duo Play-N-Skillz manning the controls. Play had this to say:

"We had extreme synergy going into the studio with Too $hort and Kendra to record the theme song. We had a great time recording it and we're very happy that Kendra loved the theme song."

Artistic synergy, huh? It sounds like they really gelled when they were writing this rhyme. I think Too $hort phoned that shit in.

I'm probably just jealous that there are no songs with my name in it. I guess no one ever loves Matts enough to immortalize them in song. Sigh.

Anyways, here is another great clip of the lady my sister shares a name with courtesy of Joel McHale and The Soup. My sis really is in good company. Interesting fact: my sister flashes her boobs about as much as Kendra Wilkinson does.


  1. Pfftttt. whatever. I don't flash anymore, I'm not 16. She got married, did you see? She actually looked classy. This show makes me like her a bit more. She has a soft side that is shown and she was just a full fledged tard-o before.

  2. You flashed me like two years ago at your birthday party. I was cleaning up after you and your drunk friends and you showed me some boob while standing on the diving board.