Monday, June 1, 2009

Nature's Most Amazing Events

The Discovery Channel recently outdid itself with the new BBC series Nature's Most Amazing Events. Its a little reminiscent of the other fantastic series Planet Earth in that it has fantastic camera work and very cool subject matter.

It was basically six episodes and aired over the weekend (sorry I didn't give the heads up sooner), but will probably be one like a million more times before the end of the month. You should check out this show for many reasons, most of which are very scientific and have redeeming social value. 

If you're not that into science or worthwhile TV then watch it for the awesome segment dealing with my #2 favorite animal in the world, the walrus. I like walruses for a few reasons: a) they have gnarly tusks b) they're really fat and have inch-thick blubber skin and c) their bristles make them look like they have big bushy moustaches. 

In the episode "Arctic Summer," the walruses took center stage for a really quick segment. The walrus basically just swam around eating clams, then climbed onto the beach to chill out and then laid the biggest fart ever. It was fantastic. It reminded me of my sister on Taco Night here at the Royal Palace.

So, in summation: Nature's Most Amazing Events is worthwhile TV for cinematography, science and walrus farts. I think you'll enjoy it if you catch it.


  1. Hey! I never vomitted on myself after eating Taco Bell. I have a bit more class than the walrus... ahhh thank you.

  2. But Ken-D, I think I remember you being able to fart the alphabet, soooooo