Friday, June 5, 2009

Dundalk's Finest: The Dudes That Invented Big Johnson T-Shirts

This article really has the very best Baltimore has to offer. It details the creation of the Big Johnson t-shirt empire, which is based in Dundalk. I really had no idea about that.

The article also features a special guest star that will delight my sister. 


Who knew he was instrumental in bringing Big Johnson to masses? I salute you brother.

Anyway, enjoy the article. 


  1. WTF-- I never knew that about Dundalk. I love DJ Batman. He passes out Candy necklaces to allllll the lovely ladies when he DJ's so everyone can have a lil sexy time. I got one once when I was wearing my Baby Phat bodysuit, but I ate the whole thing myself, hon!

  2. Was this at the Paddock in OC?