Friday, April 23, 2010

Banned Plus-Size Commercial Loaded with Curves, Big Boobs

In keeping with the whole Boobquake theme that has taken over my life and this blog, I present to you, my discriminating viewers, a Lane Bryant commercial that was censored by both ABC and Fox. The reason given for not airing the commercial is that the cleavage on the model was too excessive.

If you ask me, the cleavage is no worse than the cleavage you see during any number of Victoria’s Secret advertisements, which have execs at Lane Bryant calling foul. They say it’s not an issue of too much sexiness, but rather a bias against plus-size women.

As you can imagine, all parties are arguing back and forth over the issue and everyone has a different story, but it seems to me that you really can’t censor a commercial like this because the model has a little more cleavage than one of the ladies in a Victoria’s Secret commercial.

And lest you think I'm turning my little kingdom into a feminist blog, I will tell you the real reason that I'm writing about this: That girl is hot as shit. I totally got a semi while watching the commercial. I will take her over one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels any day of the week. No kidding.

She's all trying on her sexy stuff before going out to a naughty lunch with Dan. It doesn't look like they'll be headed to the T.G.I. Friday's. That Dan is a lucky bastard.

I think this woman could create her very own Boobquake and level a small city like Annapolis without even batting an eye.


  1. Yeah that is crazy. Def no more cleavage that a VS commercial with those lil' waifs.

  2. I want more of these commercials. I wouldn't mind a televised Lane Bryant fashion show either.