Friday, April 9, 2010

The Poll is Closed!

It looks like people were divided on whether or not they would rather eat a meal with Betty White or Bill Murray. Both nabbed four votes each. I would have had a hard time choosing between those two as well.

Dear old Dad, the King of Dundalk came in second place with two votes. Lucky him. Eating with my dad is a lovely affair except when he pretends he doesn't know what your food tastes like so that he can try it. Oh you've never had a chicken finger before, Dad? Right. He also likes to clean your plate for you, which is sometimes OK. Normally he and I duel for who gets the leftovers.

The tie for last place came down to Sir Paul McCartney and myself, which really isn't bad company if you think about it. He is a Beatle after all. Also I think most of you have had a meal with me so it isn't all that big of a deal. Its not like it's fun to watch me sweat and breathe heavy while I'm devouring a rack of ribs or bacon cheeseburger.

I originally thought that my one vote came from my mother, which would have been a little lame and a lot awesome, but then I asked her if she voted in the poll and she answered with a terse "No." Thanks, Mom.

Whoever you are mystery voter, I thank you. It was a very pleasant ego stroke, even if I didn't win the poll.

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