Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blatant Video Theft Corner: Yo-Yo Lady Means Business

This video is great for two reasons:

1. I love yo-yos. They are a total blast to play with even though I still stink and mostly just hit myself when I try to do tricks.

2. This lady has SWAGGER!

WTF? You can't fade her! She is all business when it comes to yo-yoing. She threw down that guantlet and put up 100 large of her own money! That's what you call brass balls. Did you see when she was yo-yoing by the dude's head? Those veins are filled with ice water. She is certified bad-ass.

She even keeps her yo-yos in a handsome leather attache in between performances. That's class. I wonder if it was custom-made with the finest Corinthian leather?

I'm thinking of booking her for the First Annual Prince of Dundalk Leadership Summit to be held at the very beautiful and luxurious La Fontaine Bleue in Glen Burnie. There will be loads of guest speakers there to talk about what its like to be born awesome and what the rest of you can do to try and fake it. We'll also have workshops, a dunk tank, a drum circle and maybe even a craft tent.

Plus we'll also have a bull and oyster roast for all participants, as well as an open bar. Entertainment, you ask? Nutty Yo-Yo Lady for sure, but also...

I'm going to get Steve Moody to rock the mic alllllllllllll night long.

Who's with me?


  1. OMG!!!! Both of those videos are great but I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like the yo-yo champ's!! KICK-ASS!!!

  2. I guess yo-yo champs make it rain, did you see her house? Do you think she worked her way up hustling in the back streets, challenging the local yoyo champs? I bet in a street battle, you put your yoyos up. you are right this lady is mad gully. 100k? I say you take her down! You walk a mean dog.

    By the way I have been at the Font place for work. The used to hold "spirit" rallys then when for the evil empire BofA and there was no dancing or buffets. what a jip.

  3. I'm sorry you missed out on line-dancing at La Fontaine Bleue in beautiful downtown Glen Burnie. If you want we can swing by one Wednesday night.

    I think if you were to walk in there for line-dancing the needle would scratch across the record and everyone would turn to look at you.

  4. Also, when I first watched the yo-yo video I thought she was going to put out the match flame with her yo-yo. That would have been some ninja shit.