Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm On Twitter Now!

Hey gang! Just a quick note to let you know that you can now follow me on Twitter as well. I plan on using the site to alert you Tweeters to when I update the blog and, when I get used to everything, to provide exclusive content that you can't find anywhere else (insert hand-wanking gesture here)!

I'm under PrinceDundalk because some dicky douche decided to snag princeofdundalk for himself and then never do anything at all on the site. Nice work guy!

Anyway, you tech heads should love that. There is a sweet link below and also a new box in the sidebar with the link. Its right under the link to my new e-mail that no one ever sends naked pics to.

Follow The Prince

PS I probably won't post this blog post on Twitter because that's kind of mental.


  1. Sweet!! Once I figure out how to work it, I'll have to log on and follow you that way.

    Who does that Dundalk Douche think they are? We'll find them, and when we do, him and his heart murmur will pay..... oh yes, they will pay.

  2. TWITTER FIGHT!!! They are obviously holding that twitter name for ransom. He/she follows no one, doesn't tweet at all, have no followers. They are going to have a situation when we find out who has it. Don't they know the Prince knows muthafuckas that know muthafuckas.

  3. This guy didn't do a very good job of ransoming it to me. I received no note made of cut-up newspaper letters or anything.

    He could have at least sent me an e-mail. I might have agreed to a moderate fee for the name. Then I would have jacked him up at the drop-off.