Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blatant Video Theft Corner: Creepy Robot Mouth That Actually Talks

This is really sexy. Its giving me all kinds of super-fun, sexy ideas despite the fact that it sounds like me blowing my nose and the morning and might be a guy robot.

Seriously though, say hi to the voice of our new robot overlords. When Skynet becomes self-aware and decides to exterminate us in nuclear fire, this is how it will announce it. Then come the hoverships and Terminator robots to finish up the job.

I sure hope John Connor is reading this.


  1. Really? Nothing?

    Did I gross you out with my robot mouth-sex talk or was I too obscure with the Terminator references?

  2. I must have missed this one. That is hella creepy. I immediately thought "blowy" when I saw this. They kinda remind me of those creepy sex dolls that they made on that one episode of Real Sex.