Tuesday, April 13, 2010

She's An Easy Lover! She'll Take a Hold on You Believe It!

Oh I do believe it, Phils.

If you don't like this song even a little bit then there might not be any hope for you. This is some of the baddest shit to ever come out of a recording studio and I still love it a quarter of a century later.

Feel free to make fun of the video though. Its a total piece of shit. Its like they were filming the shitty video and realized how shitty it was and just decided to give you a behind the scenes look at all the shitiness.

Even then they were like "It's really lacking something. Hmmmmm. I know! Get Philip Bailey to take a helicopter tour of London and then film that shit. Cut and print."

If I were the director I would have had the two Phils pursuing said "easy lover" through the streets of London caper-style and have them run into increasing difficult obstacles that block their path. Get it? Maybe it's not so "easy" to "love" "her" ("lover") after all.

Boom! Juxtaposition! I should have gone to film school.

I think Phil Collins could have jazzed up his ensemble a little bit. He looks like he just came from an Easter Egg Hunt. The tie should be way skinnier and I think he would look boss if he rolled up the sleeves of his suit jacket. I've always loved that look.

Also, that sweater vest does not scream rock star. Then again Phil Collins never really screamed rock star anyway. He's like if your dad was in a band, which mine was. Trust me on this one.

Despite his dadness, Phil Collins put up a tremendous effort and helped Phillip Bailey create an '80s masterpieces. I defy you to not sing along with this when the video is playing. Its impossible.


  1. Best. Song. Ever.

    I commented on this last night with something witty, but that obviously didn't go through.

  2. This will be a good choice for our game..Name that white song???

  3. This is an awesome choice for the game. I hope you have it memorized because I will test you on it.